What happens to Old Solar Panels?

Old solar panels require regular maintenance regular maintenance is all a panel needs in order to keep working smoothly.

Solar panels have made it possible to convert the sun’s energy into power without using any manpower or extra tools. They just take solar energy,Guest Posting convert it into electricity, and batteries (if installed) help you store that power. So, solar panels’ contribution to our lives is no less than a blessing. Nowadays, you can’t use a generator to generate electricity from fuel unless you own a well full of fuel. In that case, using a natural resource such as the sun proves to be fruitful.

One of the major concerns regarding solar panels is that they do not remain efficient for their entire tenure. They just work well up to a limit and then their efficiency starts to drop. For example, if a panel has a warranty of 10 years, it’ll start working below its level best after 3-5 years. This mostly happens when they are not looked after properly. Regular maintenance is all a panel needs in order to keep working smoothly. So, after some time, you have two options left i.e. you can either dispose off the old panels or you can recycle them for reuse, with the latter being a suitable option.

Let’s see how you can save yourself some money by recycling these solar panels.

How to Recycle Old Solar Panels?

So far, more than 2 million houses in Australia have Solar System Setup installed and the number is expected to grow more by the end of the next 30-40 years. So, there is no way one should waste these panels after using them for a specific time period. Rather, they should be recycled. Recycled solar panels won’t work in the same way as the new ones used to do but something is better than nothing. Just take a look at the energy requirements for your house and then act accordingly; recycle a few old panels and buy some new ones too. This will help you save some amount.

Solar panels need regular maintenance just because of the presence of dust which acts as a barrier between solar radiations and the surface of panels due to which efficiency of the panels starts to drop. Some of the things from solar panels that can be recycled very easily include:

Glass, because it makes up to 75% of a solar panel’s surface and is 90-95% reusable.
Aluminum is another component of solar panels which is almost 100% reusable.
Plastic can also be recycled and it makes up to 6-8% of PV panels.
Silicon present in solar panels can also be recycled and reused.
All in all, you have the option of recycling the panels very easily instead of wasting them in order to meet your energy requirements.

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